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Super Bowl XLVI Play by Play: Lunch

Lunch over ice? The Ice Gurus from the Food Network provide a frosty feast for the eyes. Photo Courtesy of 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee

Lunch – Sunday at 11:00 am the Super Bowl Pre-Game Party kicks off at Indiana State Museum.  If you want something a little more low key than lunch with Paula Deen and Cirque USA, then grab lunch at Shalimar (for something different so you can enjoy your game day food later!), Squealers (because you can never have too much BBQ), or Shapiro’s Delicatessen.

We also have more Indianapolis eats for late night, breakfast and dinner.

Super Bowl XLVI Play by Play: Late Night

The chosen ones, no not the New England Patriots and the New York Giants, but those who are going to be there.  We’re talking about the fans and spectators who will feel the energy that radiates out from Super Bowl XLVI‘s Lucas Oil Stadium throughout Indianapolis.  Whether you have tickets to this pigskin shin dig or not, if you’re in Indianapolis you can enjoy the experience inside or outside the stadium and be well fed throughout the day.

Friday Afternoon/Night – Friday afternoon is the Hall of Fame Luncheon at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  If you’re not 250 fans to make it to that, then take your time settling in, check into your hotel or hang out with your hosts rearranging furniture in the den for prime tv viewing and head out for some late night eats together.  Grab a seat at the bar, booth or in the lounge at Chatham Tap (New Englanders will feel at home on Mass. Ave.), Ale Emporium, or Tastings.

Friday Night is also the 13th Annual NFL Super Bowl Gospel Celebration at Clowes Memorial Hall with host Wayne Brady, and the voices of CeCe Winans, Natalie Grant, gospel icons Donnie McClurkin and Hezekiah Walker, NFL players, the NFL Choir, and other guests including a few surprise guests.

Stay tuned for breakfast, lunch and game day!